"Selling converts non-performing commercial accounts into IMMEDIATE cash."

Major Benefits to Selling Non-Performing Commercial Accounts

Some major benefits to selling your non-performing commercial accounts are:

  • Selling non-performing commercial accounts will maximize your return on those assets.
  • Our pricing is aggressive.
  • We pay the entire purchase price at closing of the purchase.
  • We buy all types of non-performing commercial accounts.
  • Pressure on your employees will be lessened, allowing them to work on more productive and lucrative tasks.

Another major benefit to selling non-performing commercial accounts is, for accounting purposes, the purchase price is a "recovery" and goes directly to your bottom line as profits.

Lastly, whether you have sold before or this is your first time, you can have confidence in selling to TBF. Since 1998, TBF has been at the forefront of commercial debt buying while maintaining a stellar reputation along the way.