"We buy all kinds of non-performing finance products up to 4 years old from the date of last payment."

A Smarter Strategy for Charge-Offs

A leading online small business lender is turning charged-off loans into cash in 24 hours - without sacrificing customer relationships. The strategy? TBF Financial purchases the non-performing loans on a regular basis.

TBF Financial is a commercial debt buyer. Our services are tailor-made for today’s non-bank lenders but they are based on a time-proven strategy.

Commercial debt buying is an accepted practice in financial services. Our company has provided services to banks and equipment finance companies for 20 years and today our clients also include leading alternative lenders.

Key Business Benefits

  • Turn charged-off loans into quick cash
  • Infuse cash back into generating revenue
  • Free up collections for more profitable pursuits
  • Maintain control over customer accounts
  • Speed up recoveries

What We Buy

We buy all kinds of non-performing finance products up to 4 years old from the date of last payment.

This includes commercial loans, leases and lines of credit, which have personal guarantees, no personal guarantees, are secured, unsecured, pre-agency, post-agency, pre-litigation, reduced to judgment, etc.


We will work with you on a single engagement, periodic engagements, or establish a forward-flow relationship where you regularly send information on non-performing finance products to us for pricing. Once a lender has a forward-flow relationship with us, it usually takes 24 hours or less to receive payment.

  • Contact Brett Boehm, CEO of TBF Financial, at or 847.267.0660.
  • Supply TBF with nominal information regarding the pool of non-performing assets to be sold.
  • We evaluate the non-performing assets and provide an offer price. 
  • Lender signs the purchase agreement. 
  • We wire payment. 
  • We work discreetly to collect debts over time without using the lender’s name. The process offers brand protection to the online lender because of our special collections approach and because TBF does not resell the accounts.
  • Regular transactions after that are typically handled online and completed within hours. Some lenders, for example, provide us a monthly list.

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